Continuous? Strategic? What’s the Best Way to Listen to Employees? [VIDEO]

By Perceptyx - March 12, 2020

Human Resources professionals are faced with constant change as their organizations work to advance goals, develop projects, and shape the corporate culture of senior management and its workforce. It falls to them to implement strategies from the top down, and also to understand feedback and input from grassroots and frontline workers. Human Resources bridges divides between individuals, teams, departments, and jurisdictions that otherwise may have little direct contact.

Executives need to innovate and collaborate as they engage individually and collectively with new and ongoing challenges and opportunities.

The North American HR Executive Summit (NAHRES) brings together the “who’s who” of industry executives, cutting edge service and solution providers, and media partners from across North America to network, benchmark, share, and learn real-world solutions to universal challenges that face every HR professional in their daily work.

Sarah Johnson, PhD, VP of Enterprise Surveys & Analytics at Perceptyx hosted a session on creating an improved survey strategy that engages with people across the employee lifecycle, and is aligned to strategic business objectives.

Here are some takeaways from Sarah's session at NAHRES20: 

  • There are lots of HR “experts” that extol the “right” way to survey employees and use those insights. But what makes sense for your organization?
  • When it comes to the best survey design for your organization, ignore the hype. The census survey is not dead, the best surveys have more than 10 questions, and the organization doesn’t need to collect data all the time
  • Surveys should evaluate engagement, to be sure, but more than that surveys should evaluate the effectiveness of the work environment and feed HR analytics, enabling good data-based decisions about people
  • This presentation will separate fact from fiction when it comes to the best way to listen to employees and provide attendees a roadmap for determining what approaches make most sense today and in the future


Want to develop a people analytics practice in your organization?

At Perceptyx, helping companies develop a robust people analytics practice that drives organizations forward is our goal. With custom surveys paired to our people analytics platform and expertise in all aspects of survey design, strategy, and communication, we can help you manage your most important asset—your human capital. Get in touch and let us show you how.

Download Now: Continuous Listening: A Guide To Developing The Right Listening Strategy For Your Organization


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