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Celebrating All Ages and Stages at Perceptyx

Celebrating All Ages and Stages at Perceptyx

At Perceptyx, our mission is to enable people and organizations to thrive, but this doesn’t start and end with our customers! If we turn the lens inward, we know we need to focus on all of our people, experiencing all stages of life during their journey with Perceptyx so our people and our company can truly thrive. 

Currently, Perceptyx is made up of team members spanning from Generation Z (1996-2012) to Baby Boomers (1946-1964) and we are responsible for enabling every one of our people — from these generations and those in between — to flourish personally and professionally. One of our core values, “We Care About The Whole Person,” was created specifically around that sentiment. 

Total Rewards at Perceptyx

So, how do you ensure people of all ages and stages succeed, thrive, and flourish? You create an equitable Total Rewards program that meets people where they are and implements programs to support the moments that matter to your workforce. 

Earlier this year, we revitalized our global Parental Leave program to ensure all working parents can experience time away, regardless of their specific parenting role. We extended the amount of paid time away to care for new family additions to 14 weeks and we now offer a unique option to split total time away into two parts, allowing our working parents to choose when they step away from work. The adjustment from being away on leave to returning to work is a challenge, so to ease that change as much as possible, our working parents will transition back to work over a two-week period. 

Leading with Compassion

Our people are already experiencing the benefits, yet this program resonates most with employees who are starting or expanding their families. What about those who are past this stage and need time away to care for aging parents or a struggling family member? To meet this need Perceptyx introduced a Compassion Care program this year. If our people need to take time away from work to focus on an immediate family member in need, our Compassion Care program will allow them to take paid time off to do just that. With this flexible option, Perceptyx team members don’t need to file for short-term disability — they just log their time internally and we give them the space they need to give full attention to their personal lives before resuming their outstanding work with Perceptyx. 

While our team members are diverse in age, we also employ amazing talent of all cultures and we want to embrace those unique differences. “We Are Strengthened By Our Differences” is another one of our core values focused on celebrating our diversity as an asset! With a diverse workforce comes diverse religious and cultural events that are meaningful to individuals. This year, Perceptyx also launched the Celebrate You program so our people can choose the days most meaningful to them and spend them as they wish. We know the holidays we celebrate as a company don’t encompass all of the special days in each of our team members’ lives, so we offer two dedicated days to emphasize that we respect and appreciate what resonates for our people. 

Regardless of age or stage, we are all susceptible to illness and will encounter scenarios that require time away for preventative or post-care needs. To address this, we expanded our existing paid sick time policy to be a Global Sick program. This allows our people to take time away due to illness, need for a diagnosis, treatment of an existing condition or injury, preventative care, organ or tissue donation, and to address the needs of victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking. The Global Sick program applies to our team members themselves and to their family members. 

Perceptyx Enables Our People — So We Can Enable Yours

Our improved Parental Leave, and our new Compassion Care, Celebrate You, and Global Sick programs are in addition to our existing Flexible Time Away policy where any team member can take any number of days off per year. This includes our annual December holiday break during which our company shuts down to provide the time and space to rest and recharge for a new year ahead. These efforts ensure that our people feel supported, cared for, and can bring their best selves to work each day, as well as home each night. At Perceptyx, we believe we’re enabling our organization and our people to thrive by prioritizing their needs through our programs, our policies, and how we show up for one another. We’re just getting started! 

Interested in joining our team to access great benefits like these? Check out our open positions and apply today! 

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