"Continuous listening… What is it anyway?" Watch the Perceptyx webinar to learn more.

By Nick Hayter - December 14, 2018

Continuous listening means many different things to different businesses. It can mean anything from an AI system with passive sentiment scanning, to installing a suggestion box in the break room. Often, organizations will simply opt for more frequent surveys, collecting data annually, monthly, or even daily, but this can often cause survey fatigue. And if the business isn’t equipped to understand and act upon the volume of data, the effects can actually be detrimental. So, what’s right for your organization? And, what really works?

To help answer these questions, we recently held a webinar with for HR practitioners where we shared considerations and potential approaches for continuous listening based on our work with more than 20% of the Fortune 100. We also included a case study that explained the approach adopted by Microsoft to facilitate daily listening across their global workforce of more than 130,000 employees.

Whatever your chosen definition, bear in mind that no matter how frequently you collect data, what’s most important is what you’re asking your employees. In the webcast we described several different methods for data collection, including surveys, pulses, and polls that can be used to enhance your employee voice. We provided practical examples for the most salient points in creating a strategy for continuous listening, namely: 

  • What – Topics help measure the moments that matter throughout the employee life cycle
  • How – Practicalities on methodology, sampling, administration, and reporting
  • Why – Will these surveys help improve business performance and employee experience

In the webinar, two live-polls were held and the results back-up some of our views on the topic, namely: 1) Continuous listening tends to only be ‘somewhat clear’ as opposed to ‘extremely clear’ or ‘unclear’ and 2) The census survey is not dead! (The majority of webinar attendees work at organizations where census surveys are still used to listen, analyze and act on their employee voice). Both of these poll results match what most of our survey clients are saying and doing with regards to their current strategy for continuous listening.

Watch the presentation below. Hear from Nick Hayter (Sr Consultant, Perceptyx) and Mike Howard (Sr Product Manager, Perceptyx - formally Microsoft) describe some different methods for surveys, pulses, and polls that can be used to enhance your employee voice.

Download Now: Continuous Listening: A Guide To Developing The Right Listening Strategy For Your Organization


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