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Employee Listening Helps Endeavor Health Unify its Post-Merger Culture

Employee Listening Helps Endeavor Health Unify Its Post-Merger Culture

Integrating multiple entities under a single brand can be a formidable challenge. Endeavor Health, a 27,000+ employee healthcare system based in the Chicagoland area, faced just such a challenge. Amidst several mergers, a significant rebranding, and the global pandemic, Endeavor Health sought to unify its culture and align closely with its mission and vision while prioritizing employee well-being and engagement.

To navigate these complexities, Endeavor Health partnered with Perceptyx, leveraging the many innovative features of its purpose-built People Insights Platform to help foster a unified organizational culture. In the words of Senior Talent Management Specialist Rachel Laznowski, Endeavor Health's partnership with Perceptyx “serves as a testament to the healthcare system's commitment to nurturing a culture that values every team member's input.” Laznowski explained that Perceptyx was chosen for its dynamic adaptability and user-friendly interface: "The way Perceptyx is evolving its resources and features is akin to our own dynamic growth trajectory, making it an ideal partner as we blend the cultures of NorthShore University HealthSystem and Edward-Elmhurst Health."

Strategic Surveys Drive Engagement

Employing Perceptyx's advanced analytics and benchmarking, Endeavor Health could tailor its strategies based on detailed insights from different demographic groups within the organization. This data-driven approach facilitated targeted action plans, significantly enhancing employee engagement across the system.

One of the standout initiatives was the introduction of "engagement conversations," a series of post-survey discussions aimed at turning employee feedback into actionable change. This strategy led to a remarkable improvement in employees' sense of accomplishment and pride in their work. “Working in healthcare offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives,” said Laznowski. Our goal is to create an environment and culture where people choose to work and choose to stay. Through listening we’re able to elevate the experience of our team members and become our own ‘best place to work.’”

Laznowski highlighted an “8-point increase in willingness to recommend Endeavor as a place to work between employees who are having conversations with their leaders about the engagement survey and those who are not. And we see a 14-point increase on the item about feeling valued as a team member for people having engagement conversations and those who are not.”

The Impact of Holistic Listening and Consulting Expertise

By embedding continuous listening into its strategic operations, Endeavor Health not only enhanced its internal culture but also began working to set new benchmarks in delivering patient care. The integration of various survey types ensured a holistic understanding of employee sentiments, enabling the healthcare system to address immediate needs while fostering a culture of continuous growth and learning.

The role of Perceptyx extended beyond providing technological solutions. Through dedicated consulting and professional services, Perceptyx offered personalized guidance and industry best practices that were crucial in aligning Endeavor Health's strategic objectives with actionable insights. "The consulting aspect of this has not just been about providing answers but about fostering a deep understanding and alignment with our goals, facilitating a genuine partnership with a consultant who is a true leader in her field,” said Laznowski.

Key Takeaways

For healthcare systems undergoing similar transformations, Endeavor Health's experience underscores the importance of:

  • Integrating feedback mechanisms seamlessly into the organization's fabric.
  • Utilizing advanced analytics to tailor engagement strategies effectively.
  • Leveraging expert consulting to align strategic goals with operational execution.

As a listening partner, Perceptyx has not only responded to Endeavor Health's needs but also anticipated and shaped the future direction of healthcare engagement and culture. “Perceptyx's progressive stance mirrors our own aspirations to redefine healthcare standards and ensure our system is a place where every voice matters,” said Laznowski.

A Unified Partnership Leads to a Unified Healthcare Culture

Endeavor Health's journey illustrates the power of strategic employee listening in creating a unified healthcare culture capable of outstanding patient care. The success of their approach, facilitated by Perceptyx, demonstrates the potential of tailored listening strategies to transform healthcare environments positively. To read the full story, click here.

For healthcare organizations looking to enhance engagement and improve operational efficiency, exploring a partnership with Perceptyx can be a critical first step towards achieving these goals. Learn more about how Perceptyx can assist your organization by scheduling a meeting with a member of our team.

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