Getting to the Why of Organizational Effectiveness

By Sarah Johnson, PhD - August 02, 2018

Employee engagement has become a central component of nearly every organization's survey program. As with many other facets of organizational health, engagement can be viewed in aggregate or calculated down to the smallest unit of the organization; it can be tracked over time, benchmarked against industry norms, and used as a metric to gauge an organization's overall health.

Yet this number alone doesn’t tell the full story. Engagement scores may tell us the “what", but without the “why” we don’t fully know the story behind the numbers. Understanding the “why" of organizational effectiveness is necessary to driving meaningful organization change.

I recently published an article on this topic for the Association for Talent Development (ATD) magazine, discussing how to uncover the story behind the numbers to enable a strategic approach to Human Resources. You can find the original article here (requires an ATD membership) or download the full article in PDF form directly below. 

Want to read more on this subject? My new book, Engaging the Workplace: Using Surveys to Spark Change outlines how engagement surveys can drive organization strategy.

Download the PDF


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