HCI Webcast [VIDEO]: The Two Most Important Questions In People Analytics

By Perceptyx - April 21, 2020

People Analytics: Why it Matters and How to Do it Well

The idea that HR leaders need to focus on people analytics is not new. However, there are two questions that are fundamental to the success of a people research and people analytics function. These questions may seem very simple on the surface, but are actually far more complicated than they seem. The truth is that everyone wants to talk about people analytics; it's top-of-mind for most HR Professionals. Why? Because people analytics offers so much potential to the HR function, promising to make HR a more strategic partner to an organization. People analytics allows us to do the research, so we can understand and take action, of what works (while being backed by data) in different areas of HR such as employee experience, internal recruiting, and multi-generational workforce. 

What Makes An Analytics Program Successful? 

Analytics are successful when they result in action, leading to meaningful change. With people analytics, organizations and their leaders are able to make decisions about people that are data-based. Data-based decisions reduce human bias and subjectivity. No more assumptions, or trend. We can use analytics to help an organization gain a competitive edge through the use of data allowing us to take the best measures and see return on investment, anticipate trends, and influence the direction of our organization. 

The Two Most Important Questions in People Analytics: 

1) So What? 

Analytics that pass the "So What?" test are relevant to what's important in the organization today. These analytics tell us what we did not know, by providing the important puzzle pieces that enable us to tie things together, they fill a gap in our understanding and knowledge, and allow us to answer critical questions for the organization. Analytics pass the "So What?" test if we can immediately recognize the value of the information and how it applies to our current state and information needs. Good people analytics are connected to what is important in the business today. It should answer the questions of: Why should I care about this? What is the point? What does this have to do with our challenges as an organization? 

2) Now What? 

Insights need to guide us to action. From our findings, we know what we need to do next and we can see the way forward. The work itself should provide us with a roadmap of what should happen next. In order to pass the "Now What?" test, people analytics have to go beyond the theoretical and dive into the practical. It must provide us with guidance about key populations or interventions that can make a difference. We want people analytics to drive action in the organization to inspire those data-based decisions about people. Audiences receiving the information must be clear on what to do next. 

Watch the HCI Webcast: The Two Most Important Questions In People Analytics to learn more! 

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