PAFOW London: People Data for Good

By Perceptyx - June 07, 2019

The theme at PAFOW's first London event was People Data for Good: a conversation with the world's foremost People Analytics leaders around how people measurement and analytics are being used to benefit workers of all types, as well as the leaders and organizations they serve. As data generation and use becomes more pervasive, it's now a collective challenge to understand the boundaries and, in turn, choose wisely. Having experience and expertise in working with more than 25% of the Fortune 100, Perceptyx was delighted to be part of this conversation. Sarah Johnson, PhD, VP of Enterprise Surveys & Analytics, hosted a session on creating an improved survey strategy that engages with people across the employee lifecycle, and is aligned to strategic business objectives. Sarah covered 4 myths that many wrestle with when it comes to knowing how to best survey. Employee engagement has become a target and score to achieve, but what does true engagement really mean to the organization? “Stop thinking of engagement as a noun, and focus on ‘engage,’ the verb. What is it in your work environment that truly engages employees?” Understand the elements and components of the engaging workforce to know your people. Watch Sarah’s session, “Continuous? Strategic? What's the Best Way to Listen to Employees?” to learn more!




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