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Perceptyx Launches AI-Powered Coaching to Help Organizations Address Modern Leadership Challenges

Perceptyx Launches AI-Powered Coaching to Help Organizations Address Modern Leadership Challenges

‘Cultivate Intelligent Coaching’ delivers a real-time, personalized coaching feed for every manager

TEMECULA, Calif., October 4, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Perceptyx, the leading employee listening and people analytics platform, has launched Cultivate Intelligent Coaching, a new AI-powered leadership development product within its People Insights Platform. The new product leverages behavioral data to deliver much-needed guidance to managers navigating today’s challenging work environment. 

Cultivate Intelligent Coaching is an AI-powered leadership development product that analyzes both active feedback from 360 surveys and opt-in passive listening signals from workplace communication channels, such as Slack, Google Workspaces, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams, to identify a manager’s blind spots and coaching needs. It then delivers hyper-personalized leadership insights and action recommendations to the manager via nudges and a metrics-rich personal dashboard. Receiving highly relevant coaching within the daily flow of work allows managers to put their newfound skills into practice immediately, track their progress, remain engaged in the coaching process, and deliver faster impact to their team.

“Managers today must meet the needs of dispersed, burned out, always-on teams who are setting new boundaries. With these new ways of working, managers need new ways of learning and growing into leaders. They need on-the-job guidance and personalized feedback that evolves with them, so they can better lead their teams — and they need it now,” said Joseph Freed, head of product for Perceptyx’s talent development products. 

“The best way to support managers in this environment is through continuous advice, grounded in real insights about that person’s behavior, all within the natural flow of their daily activities. Traditional 360 reviews lack a real-time actionable element and are soon forgotten, left on a shelf to gather dust. Human coaching alone lacks the fidelity of observed behavior and doesn’t scale,” added Freed. “Cultivate Intelligent Coaching makes it possible to deliver hyper-personalized and actionable insights and coaching to every manager in the organization.”

Cultivate Intelligent Coaching is based on the Cultivate AI coaching platform, acquired by Perceptyx in February 2022. Unlike other digital coaching approaches, Cultivate uses AI intent models to interpret observed behavior and provide more meaningful insights into areas for development. For example, Cultivate not only identifies how often a leader engages with employees, it also understands the tone of those conversations and whether the manager is providing advice or asking for opinions, as well as how frequently they recognize and encourage their team members. This observation of management best-practice behaviors ensures more valuable and actionable coaching recommendations. 

Cultivate Intelligent Coaching is built on a privacy-first model that requires each user to opt-in. The insights and recommendations generated are designed for the benefit and betterment of the manager themselves. Because of this, managers can be assured that the content of their communication, and the data about their behaviors, is not shared with anyone else within the organization.

“Everything we do at Perceptyx is about connecting the dots between the employee experience and the business outcome. In the area of leadership development, we recognized that most companies face a major challenge to effectively act on employee feedback—and managers play a critical role in that process. Giving managers the support they need to be change agents can have an incredible impact on the overall employee experience. Cultivate Intelligent Coaching closes that loop,” said John Borland, CEO at Perceptyx. 

Together, Cultivate Intelligent Coaching and Cultivate 360 Feedback form the Cultivate manager effectiveness solution within the Perceptyx People Insights Platform. Customers can bring their own learning content into Cultivate, via a growing catalog of native integrations with content providers such as Harvard Business Review and LinkedIn Learning, or via custom integrations and APIs to preferred learning management systems (LMS). Providing even more value, Cultivate Intelligent Coaching can also be used to further enhance human coaching programs with objective data on observed behaviors and the ability to measure behavior change over time. 

“AI-enabled coaching has arrived,” said Josh Bersin, global industry analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company. “In today’s always-on workplace and highly competitive labor market, managers and leaders need advice and support in the flow of work. Cultivate delivers this with impact.”

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