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Perceptyx Teams Bot: Seamless Feedback in the Flow of Work

Perceptyx Teams Bot: Seamless Feedback in the Flow of Work

In today's work environment, tools like Microsoft Teams have become integral to how employees communicate, collaborate, and stay updated on company activities. While email remains a reliable medium for internal communications, the evolving landscape has prompted a need for more immediate channels that are directly integrated into employees' workflow. Perceptyx is responding to this shift by launching its Microsoft Teams Bot, designed to seamlessly weave surveys and actionable insights into the fabric of daily communications.

With employees spending much of their day interacting through instant messaging platforms, it makes sense to meet them where they are. Perceptyx’s Teams Bot does just that, elevating listening by enabling surveys and feedback mechanisms to occur directly within the Microsoft Teams interface. This innovation capitalizes on employees' natural behavior, allowing for more timely feedback and fostering a responsive company culture.

The Challenge: Old Email, New Problems

While the proliferation of instant messaging apps like Teams has streamlined internal communications, the practice of sending survey invitations through email alone has become outdated. The tendency for important survey emails to be overlooked hinders companies from gathering valuable employee feedback. Thus, organizations expect functionality that can seamlessly integrate listening events into employees' daily workflow, ensuring that their voices are heard and acted upon.

The Perceptyx Microsoft Teams Bot aims to be a comprehensive answer to this pressing need. It creates a new channel in the flow of work to directly engage with employees, administrators, and managers, and is available as an add-on to Perceptyx's existing product offerings: Ask surveys as well as Cultivate 360 Feedback.

Key Use Cases

  • Survey Notifications: Employees are notified of surveys directly within Teams, increasing visibility and participation.
  • Timely Reminders: The bot will remind employees to complete their surveys before the deadline, ensuring timely and more accurate data.
  • Accessibility: Employees can directly access their surveys from within Teams, making it easier for them to participate.
  • Survey Continuity: For surveys that are filled out in multiple sessions, the bot allows employees to pick up where they left off.
  • Reporting & Insights: Managers and admins are given a convenient method to access reports, thus expediting the analysis and action planning process.

A Focus on Employee Experience

Perceptyx's Microsoft Teams Bot stands out for its strong focus on enhancing the employee experience (EX). Instead of merely adding another utility to Microsoft Teams, this bot is specifically engineered to align with the daily workflow of employees, administrators, and managers who are engaged in the platform.

The Teams Bot offers a convenient and effective way to launch and manage surveys right within Microsoft Teams, which many companies already rely on for their core business operations. The bot meets users in a digital space where they are already comfortable and engaged, thereby streamlining the process of collecting and acting upon valuable employee feedback. 

Here’s an overview of the team members who could realize significant benefits from the Microsoft Teams Bot.

  • Individual Contributors: Receive survey invitations, benefiting from the streamlined, in-app notification system.
  • People Managers: Can remind People Managers to view reports and take action to increase engagement with their teams.
  • Survey Administrators: These are individuals incentivized to drive high survey engagement rates, including manager action planning and team-level activities. For them, the bot serves as a critical method for data collection and analysis.

Complementary Perceptyx Products

Ask Employee Surveys: Ask is an employee survey product that simplifies even the most complicated employee listening programs. From self-managed surveys to expert-led initiatives, Ask offers a range of features including a library of more than 250 validated questions focused on employee engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion, health and well-being, and more.

Cultivate 360 Feedback: This product offers actionable insights to managers, providing them the support and tools they need to lead effectively. It generates a virtuous cycle of leadership development and business success by identifying potential leaders and offering them targeted coaching and development.

Messaging: The Heartbeat of Employee Experience

As more organizations integrate digital messaging apps like Microsoft Teams and Slack into their operations, the importance of meeting employees in these spaces for feedback also grows. Perceptyx's Microsoft Teams Bot taps into this trend, offering more than just enhanced survey response rates. By embedding its survey and feedback functionalities directly into Microsoft Teams, the bot plays an active role in elevating employee listening and action across the enterprise.

In a landscape where the employee experience is pivotal for organizational success, Perceptyx's Teams Bot stands as more than just a technological solution—it represents an essential advancement for companies committed to leading in the realm of EX. For a more detailed review of our new Microsoft Teams Bot and how it complements Perceptyx’s best-in-class listening products, scheule a meeting with a member of our team

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