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Perceptyx Wins HR Tech Award for Employee Experience

Perceptyx Wins HR Tech Award for Employee Experience

Lighthouse Research & Advisory has awarded Perceptyx the 2022 HR Tech Award for Employee Experience - Best Comprehensive Solution.

According to Lighthouse Research & Advisory data, more than 5,000 providers exist across the HR technology landscape today, with more entering the space every single day. The HR Tech Awards recognized approximately 1% of those firms for their focus on creating solutions that solve problems their customers care about. Perceptyx was the only 2022 HR Tech Award winner in the "Employee Experience - Best Comprehensive Solution" category.

The Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisory, Ben Eubanks, had this to say about this year’s winners: "We see hundreds of HR technologies every year in our research. The systems that won this year's program represent some of the very best that the industry has to offer. Our judges are consistently amazed by the quality, depth, and capability that these solutions represent. In my perspective, I'm always looking for a system that adds value for the HR and talent practitioners putting in the hard work every day. This year, we found some excellent examples of those tools in action."

The ultimate purpose of this program is to help HR technology buyers and employers understand some of the best companies in the industry for technology selection needs. "In addition to examining the actual technology, we look at the company behind the solution, a client case study, and more to fully understand the value that each firm offers. It's incredible to see the amazing value that employers can get from the right HR technology partner,” Eubanks added.

A Legacy of Listening Excellence – Building on Our Strengths

The award is the result of years of product development, research, dialogue, and fine-tuning here at Perceptyx. Our platform gives employers the continuous, actionable insights they need, well beyond that provided by traditional employee survey tools alone. 

Our proprietary People Insights Platform includes a comprehensive set of active and passive listening capabilities: 

Ask is an employee survey product that enhances people's experience and fuels business performance. 

Sense is a purpose-built product that makes it easy for organizations to launch listening initiatives around specific moments in the employee lifecycle, such as when employees are onboarded or when they exit. 

Dialogue allows employers to pose timely questions to employees, crowdsource ideas and gather votes via an innovative pair-voting system. 

Cultivate extends Perceptyx’s expertise in employee listening to the realm of 360 feedback and intelligent coaching, providing leaders with critical insight into others’ perspectives of their efforts and capable of combining with data from other Perceptyx listening channels to provide additional information about leader and manager effectiveness. 

The Perceptyx Platform Does More So You Can See More

Working together, these products help our customers amplify the voices of employees and deliver insights that can address a range of workforce needs:

    • Employee engagement - measuring and monitoring satisfaction, commitment and motivation
    • Employee lifecycle management - improving the experience from onboarding to exit
    • Measuring and accelerating progress in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)
    • Understanding and predicting causes of attrition
    • Crowdsourcing employee feedback and ideas on issues, policies or initiatives
    • Monitoring employee well-being and addressing burnout
    • Identifying areas for improvement in leadership and providing development 
    • Understanding the impact of employee engagement on key business outcomes, from financial performance to patient safety

See Your Organization in a New Way 

Perceptyx helps organizations create comprehensive listening programs that will elevate the employee experience. From crowdsourcing insights to developing always-on listening models, we provide you with the resources needed to understand your workforce. To learn more about our award-winning platform and other services, schedule a demo today.

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