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Perceptyx's AI Hub Opens Access to Proprietary AI Models

Perceptyx’s AI Hub Opens Access to Proprietary AI Models

A key challenge for our customers is how to extract valuable insights from open-text employee comments and feedback resident in external data sources. This hurdle can impede the ability of HR teams, data scientists, and analysts to make informed decisions due to the complexity of these diverse, unstructured comment data sources.

Generally available on January 31, 2024, the Perceptyx AI Hub marks yet another milestone in our journey to empower customers with even greater advanced data analysis capabilities. The AI Hub is a direct response to growing customer demand for direct access to Perceptyx’s underlying natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning models. 

A Powerful Solution for Advanced Open Text Analysis

Designed to decode themes, intents, sentiments, and emotions within open text comment data collected outside the People Insights Platform, it's a game-changer for qualitative data analysis, offering deeper insights by connecting the dots between multiple datasets. Our most advanced users, including internal people analytics professionals, can now leverage our advanced AI models for a wide range of data, such as employee comments from sites such as Glassdoor or LinkedIn, as well as customer, patient, or other comment data.

Data Is the New Currency 

In an era in which data is the new currency, the ability to efficiently analyze and interpret employee and other comments from diverse data sources is critical for any organization. This capability — not currently offered by any other vendors in the market — means that your organization can now integrate and analyze data from a multitude of external sources, such as past surveys, polls, and comments left on employer review sites. 

The AI Hub allows you to dive deep into the subtleties of themes, intents, sentiments, and emotions that reside within comment data. Whether it's feedback from assorted online platforms, customer reviews, or any other form of open-text data, the AI Hub is adept at bringing these diverse datasets under a single, powerful analytical umbrella. It complements your existing data analysis efforts, fitting seamlessly into your organization's larger strategy and helping you make more informed, data-driven decisions.

Key Features, Benefits, and Use Cases

The AI Hub provides open access to Perceptyx’s suite of advanced AI models:

  • Themes Model: Efficiently organizes text into >40 themes, aiding in quick identification.
  • Intent Model: Classifies comments into distinct intents (e.g., suggestions, needs, or praise), facilitating prioritized feedback analysis for improved decision-making.
  • Sentiment Model: Identifies emotional polarity within comments, offering insights into employee needs and workplace culture.
  • Emotion Model: Measures nuanced emotions (e.g., love vs. anger, or surprise vs. fear), enabling a deeper understanding of the emotional state behind feedback.

These models support more than 100 languages, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach to comment analysis that accelerates the discovery of actionable insights locked within employee feedback.

Partner with Perceptyx and Go Deeper into All of Your Data 

With the Perceptyx AI Hub you're not just accessing data, you're unlocking the full potential of every word and phrase in your dataset. To learn more, connect with your Perceptyx Customer Success Manager or schedule a meeting with a member of our sales team


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