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Perceptyx's AI Insights Engine Helps Your Managers Take Action

Perceptyx's AI Insights Engine Helps Your Managers Take Action

In an era when employee engagement and effective management have become the essential factors driving organizational success, Perceptyx continues to invest in new ways to connect employee insights to action that deliver lasting organizational impact. The next generation of our People Insights Platform incorporates a new AI Insights Engine, built on the innovative machine learning recommendation technology first introduced in Cultivate, which Perceptyx acquired in 2022

The AI Insights Engine marks a shift in how managers and HR leaders interact with and respond to employee feedback, delivering personalized insights and suggestions that keep action plans top of mind for leaders long after a listening event is concluded. To help you better understand this new technology, we want to explore our approach to this perennial problem of taking action, underscoring how it supports Perceptyx's mission to enable people and organizations to thrive.

The Core Philosophy Behind the AI Insights Engine 

At its heart, the AI Insights Engine embodies a philosophy of continuous engagement and personalization — a purpose-built way to equip and assist managers to make progress against areas of focus that arise from employee listening programs. Unlike traditional methods of designing action that often sees well-intentioned plans forgotten in favor of day-to-day demands, the AI Insights Engine ensures these plans remain active and relevant throughout the year.

One of the standout features of the AI Insights Engine is its ability to personalize insights for individual managers. Whereas traditional survey programs stop at simple dashboards or static reports, the AI Insights Engine goes further to deliver tailored insights and recommendations, fostering a more meaningful connection between the manager and the needs of their teams. This level of personalization ensures that these people insights remain in focus for managers, and increases the likelihood that the recommended action steps are communicated and completed.

From Static Reports to Sustained Engagement 

Perceptyx's AI Insights Engine marks a significant departure from simply presenting data toward active engagement to support managers. This engagement is not a one-time interaction; it's a sustained, ongoing process, keeping managers focused and aligned with their teams' needs throughout the year, to deliver impact against critical business and talent priorities.

The AI Insights Engine is defined by its emphasis on action. Traditional EX platforms often stop at the creation of insights and action plans, leaving a gap in support for managers and HR teams to see these plans through. Perceptyx has begun to address this gap by taking the next step to ensure these insights lead to tangible actions and measurable improvements.

This is a continuation of work we’ve been doing in this space for decades. Before machine learning could automate aspects of this process, our own best practices urged leaders to act on the insights we provided — “if you’re going to ask, ask, ask, then you’d better act, act, act,” we urged in a 2020 white paper. Organizations with which we had partnered were instructed to utilize 1-2-3 action planning (a simple and effective approach we’ve made popular over the last decade) to ensure that their people knew their feedback led to action, building trust. Managers were told to select one area of focus, do two things about it, and communicate and seek feedback with their teams at least three times. While this remains great advice for preventing survey fatigue, the AI Insights Engine augments this process and takes it further by generating new insights and keeping managers’ plans and intentions in focus in their flow of work.

Actions Made Easy

The AI Insights Engine is designed to empower leaders at every step. By providing actionable insights directly into their workflow via email or workplace collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack, it reduces the need for managers to sift through overwhelming data or log into multiple systems. This proactive approach not only simplifies the process for leaders but also ensures that the momentum for improvement is sustained throughout the year.

The introduction of the AI Insights Engine aligns seamlessly with Perceptyx's overarching strategy of providing a comprehensive solution for understanding and improving employee experiences. It's not just about isolated insights; it's about offering a complete view of an organization's dynamics, helping leaders “get to the why,” and then continuously turning data into meaningful actions that enhance employee engagement and drive growth.

Perceptyx’s approach also aligns with the insights recently shared by industry expert Josh Bersin, who in a webcast addressing the critical HR imperatives for 2024, emphasized the need to "activate" every employee. According to Bersin, this process involves listening to employees, taking action based on their feedback, and constantly working to build a culture in which everyone works together to succeed together. The AI Insights Engine is a step towards this vision, going beyond insights to inspire ongoing and meaningful action that can transform the employee experience and drive organizational effectiveness.

Perceptyx Helps You Accelerate the Journey from Insight to Action

Perceptyx's AI Insights Engine represents another leap forward in the realm of employee listening and EX. By personalizing insights, facilitating continuous engagement, and fostering a culture of action, the AI Insights Engine elevates how organizations approach employee feedback and action planning to drive change and deliver impact — to help people and organizations thrive. 

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