RedThread Highlights Perceptyx Strengths and Differentiators in New Market Analysis of People Analytics Technology

By Perceptyx - March 04, 2020

SAN DIEGO, March 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Perceptyx, the employee survey and people analytics platform that helps companies see the way forward, is proud to be recognized in the independent RedThread Research analysis of people analytics technology for its ability to generate continuous insights from data collected directly from employees, integrated with business performance data, to deliver personalized action recommendations that drive the right actions at all levels of the organization.

Perceptyx was recommended in the “Targeted Analytics” quadrant, which is ideal for companies looking for continuous listening, data insights, and predictions using structured and unstructured data while driving employee engagement and improving the employee experience.

“We’re thrilled to be included in the RedThread research and analysis, as it demonstrates our ability to listen to employee perceptions in a way that connects the dots to business performance issues, empowering teams, HR, and business leaders to act on those insights to drive better outcomes,” said John Borland, Perceptyx CEO and co-founder.

The report also highlighted Perceptyx’s ability to collect and analyze people data and its close proximity to the “Guiding Analytics” quadrant, which demonstrates Perceptyx’s strength in integrating business performance data from many different sources, providing strategic insights from that aggregated data.

The RedThread report, titled “People Analytics Technology: The Vendors,” suggested that people analytics providers are able to differentiate in three ways: address foundational barriers to implementation and adoption, enable new insights, and make people analytics more human. RedThread also recommended that buyers should clearly identify their challenges that need to be solved and know who will be the primary users of the solution.

“Perceptyx is clearly positioned for the future, to meet the needs of our customers whether they need continuous listening tools or next-level people analytics that not only help them see more of what’s going on in their organization, but also how to drive the organization forward,” Borland said. “This report validates our market-leading methodology to driving better business outcomes through a data-driven and strategic approach.”


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