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Stressed about working alongside unvaccinated colleagues?

Stressed about working alongside unvaccinated colleagues? The data says you’re not alone.

Our latest research has revealed a significant “vax gap” between vaccinated employees, and those that have either delayed or opted out of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. When workers were asked how safe they believe the workplace is: 44 percent of unvaccinated employees feel very little or no stress/anxiety when near other unvaccinated co-workers.

But only 19 percent of vaccinated workers feel very little or no stress/anxiety under the same conditions. About 41 percent of vaccinated workers say they have “quite a bit” or “a great deal” of stress working around unvaccinated workers.

Social pressures at work could also have an impact on employee behaviors. About 45 percent of all employees surveyed who work in a physical workspace said they feel peer pressure to remove their mask at work. But this pressure is felt more strongly by the vaccinated (47 percent) than the unvaccinated (39 percent).

Most parents want to see schools require vaccines

When asked about vaccine preferences for schools, nearly three-quarters (74%) of all parents say they would like to see schools require all teachers and staff to be vaccinated by the start of this school year. That number jumps even higher (79%) when asked whether students should also be required to be vaccinated (if the vaccine is made available to all children by the start of the school year).

For a full recap of the Perceptyx vaccination data, read the press release.

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