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Amplifying Voices Through Employee Crowdsourcing with Dialogue

Amplifying Voices Through Employee Crowdsourcing with Dialogue

Perceptyx's Dialogue product provides organizations with an innovative way of engaging all employees in conversations and co-creating solutions to their most pressing issues. 

Dialogue is different from a traditional survey in that it offers a real-time, action-oriented, transparent, and inclusive listening channel. By leveraging Dialogue, companies can tap into the collective wisdom of their employees and foster a culture of collaboration, problem-solving, and innovation.

Understanding Dialogue: A Dynamic Conversation Platform

Dialogue empowers organizations to have collaborative conversations with their employees, gather real-time feedback on a specific business issue or question, or ask for ideas and potential solutions to burning issues.

It comprises two main components: crowdsourcing and voting.

Crowdsourcing responses to questions is a key aspect of Dialogue. Organizations can pose open-ended questions to their employees and gather a wide range of responses. Employees then have the opportunity to share their ideas, insights, and suggestions for addressing challenges. This crowdsourcing aspect encourages active participation and empowers employees to contribute perspectives from their unique roles across the entire organization.


Pairwise voting is the second primary feature of Dialogue, and what immediately differentiates it from a standard open-ended survey question. This involves presenting to employees two suggestions from other employees and asking them to select the option that seems better to them. By engaging in pairwise voting, organizations can prioritize solutions, ideas, or actions by determining the most popular and preferred options.

 Pairwise voting

The Value of Dialogue: Real-time Insights and Actionable Recommendations

Dialogue stands out from traditional employee listening channels due to its ability to provide crowdsourced insights and prioritized recommendations in real-time.

Let's look at the key benefits that make Dialogue such a valuable product for organizations:

  • Real-time crowdsourced insights and recommendations are a significant advantage of Dialogue. The platform enables organizations to gather feedback in real-time on various topics. It captures the pulse of the organization and empowers leaders to make data-driven decisions based on up-to-date insights. The insights and recommendations generated through Dialogue are informed by the collective intelligence of employees, fostering a sense of ownership.

  • Agility and responsiveness are crucial in today's dynamic business landscape. Dialogue facilitates taking quick, targeted action on what matters most. By swiftly gathering employee feedback, organizations can adapt and respond to emerging challenges or opportunities promptly. The agility offered by Dialogue allows organizations to stay ahead and maintain a competitive edge.

  • Inclusivity and transparency are key principles supported by Dialogue. The platform ensures that everyone's voice is heard and valued. It creates an inclusive environment where employees from all levels and departments can share their ideas, regardless of their location or role. The transparent nature of Dialogue cultivates a sense of alignment, accountability, and trust among employees and leadership.

  • The ability to focus on the highest voted actions is another crucial aspect of Dialogue. By involving employees in the decision-making process, organizations can build a sense of ownership and commitment to implementing the chosen actions. The crowdsourced insights derived from Dialogue drive meaningful change and improve employee experiences.

Dialogue vs. Ask: Understanding the Differences and Synergies

While Perceptyx's Ask product serves as a comprehensive listening solution, Dialogue offers a distinct approach to problem-solving, action, and employee engagement. Understanding the differences and synergies between the two is crucial for leveraging their combined potential.

Perceptyx's Ask product offers a flexible and robust solution for listening to any segment of an organization to identify insights associated with employee experiences. It enables organizations to gain a holistic, integrated view of the employee experience and business performance, with advanced configuration options that support specific business processes.

On the other hand, Dialogue is designed for organizations to come together and align on, or co-create, actionable solutions based on the feedback and insights gathered. It provides a unique platform for employees to collaborate, share ideas, and vote on the best actions to address critical challenges.

The difference between Ask and Dialogue is important because answers to questions often create more questions. Having an agile solution like Dialogue allows organizations to address additional questions that arise from Ask surveys. Integrating Ask and Dialogue enables organizations to gather comprehensive insights by combining the broader context provided by Ask with the actionable solutions generated through Dialogue.

Use Cases for Dialogue: Solving Business Problems Together

Dialogue is a solution to many challenges that customers experience when taking deliberate action on employee feedback. Such solutions include:

  • Act on Employee Experience Survey Results: Dialogue empowers organizations to co-create actions based on survey feedback, enabling meaningful change. It allows organizations to dive deeper into specific areas identified in employee surveys, such as ways to enhance leader effectiveness or other drivers of engagement. By leveraging Dialogue, organizations can follow up on survey results by engaging with their teams to gain additional insights, clarification, and prioritize actions and next steps.

  • Co-Create Solutions to Known Challenges: Dialogue facilitates the co-creation of novel solutions to known problems or areas of improvement. During challenging times like the pandemic, Dialogue helped leaders quickly understand and address the unique and dynamic needs of remote employees. For example, organizations used Dialogue to gather insights on what remote employees need during the transition to remote work. This enabled leaders to adapt rapidly while providing necessary support.

  • Ensure Buy-In with Inclusive Dialogues: The voting capability of Dialogue enables organizations to gain buy-in and include all voices in change efforts. It can be used to gather insights on various change initiatives, such as new leadership transitions, the refreshing of values or strategic goals, role or structure redesign, technology implementation, and policy changes. By involving employees in the conversation, organizations can build a sense of ownership and alignment, ensuring that the change efforts are successful and well-received.

Now let’s take a closer look at how three organizations used Dialogue to address their own business challenges. 

BJC Healthcare Elevated Safety Culture Through Crowdsourcing

BJC Healthcare significantly improved its safety culture by leveraging crowdsourcing to listen to employees and address key challenges. Partnering with Perceptyx and using the Dialogue product, BJC surpassed its participation goal, with over 10,000 employees providing feedback during the two-week listening event. Dr. Russell Hoffman, Vice President of BJC's Institute of Learning and Development, highlighted how crowdsourcing accelerated the implementation of findings and aided their change management efforts. The crowdsourced method allowed employees to propose and vote on hundreds of novel and impactful solutions to safety challenges facing frontline employees.

Blanchard® Unleashed the Power of Employee Voice with Dialogue

Business consulting leader Blanchard® used Dialogue to unleash employee voice and gather valuable feedback about leadership performance. Dialogue's open and transparent interface allowed employees at all levels to share authentic feedback and vote on colleagues' responses. This approach helped identify trends, such as employees needing more coaching on how to provide feedback and more time off. By leveraging Dialogue's insights, Blanchard successfully implemented training programs and introduced wellness days, fostering an inclusive and positive work culture.

Principal Financial Group Harnessed Dialogue for Rapid Access to Employee Insights

Principal Financial Group®, with its diverse 18,500-person workforce, recognized the importance of listening across the employee experience. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded and employees transitioned to remote work, Principal needed rapid insights into ways to quickly elevate well-being and job satisfaction. The implementation of Dialogue provided an immediate understanding of how employees were faring and allowed for prompt response and action by leadership. Principal's use of Dialogue proved invaluable during the pandemic when addressing employee flexibility. The continuous feedback loop provided by Dialogue allowed Principal to gather insights on employee sentiments regarding flexibility, the challenges and opportunities it presented, and how to best incorporate flexibility into their work processes to serve customers effectively.

Ascend the Listening Maturity Curve with Dialogue

Perceptyx's Dialogue product offers a unique and powerful way for organizations to engage in conversations, co-create solutions, and solve business problems together in real-time. By going beyond traditional surveys and leveraging the capabilities of Dialogue, companies can tap into the collective wisdom of their employees, foster collaboration, and drive meaningful change. To explore how Dialogue and other listening channels can benefit your organization, reach out to a member of our team or take our free interactive listening maturity assessment to evaluate the state of your organization's listening strategy.

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