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Picture of Ellen Lovell, Ph.D.

Ellen Lovell, Ph.D.

Author Bio

Ellen Lovell, Ph.D, is a Senior Consultant with Perceptyx. She advises our Fortune 500 clients on employee listening strategies that push the envelope. She works with the consultant and research teams to develop reports, whitepapers, blogs, and panel discussions.

She has nearly a decade of experience and has previously been a consultant and advisor for Dell Technologies and AROS Consulting. A frequent conference speaker and guest lecturer, Ellen has attended and contributed to industry associations, such as Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychologists (SIOP), Information Technology Survey Group (ITSG), International Personnel Assessment Council (IPAC), American Psychological Association (APA), and Reversal Theory Society.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in psychology and animal science from Middle Tennessee State University and her master’s degree and doctorate in industrial/organizational psychology from Louisiana Tech University.

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