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Picture of Lauren Beechly, Ph.D.

Lauren Beechly, Ph.D.

Author Bio

Lauren Beechly, Ph.D., is a Director of Leader & Workforce Transformation at Perceptyx, where she leads a team that helps organizations transform their employee experiences at speed, at scale, and in sustainable ways. While Lauren and her team partner with Fortune 500 organizations across all industries, her team also specializes in supporting healthcare organizations. By aligning organizations' listening strategies to business priorities, Lauren helps organizations listen to employees about the topics that matter most and close the gap between insights and meaningful impact.

She has worked in the employee experience space for 15 years, joining Perceptyx in 2018. Previously, she worked as a managing consultant for IBM, served as a director of employee experience for an advisory organization, and worked in industry as a human resources consultant. As a thought leader, Lauren speaks at industry conferences, hosts webinars, publishes research, and writes articles related to employee experience transformation.

She believes that people are an organization’s greatest asset and that listening to employees (and acting on that feedback) is one of the most strategic actions an organization can take to understand employee perceptions, help employees feel valued, improve the employee experience, and solve business challenges.

Lauren earned her master’s and doctoral degrees in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Oklahoma and is a member of the Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

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