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The Modern Approach To Employee Engagement Consulting | Perceptyx

The Modern Approach To Employee Engagement Consulting

Looking for an employee engagement consultant to guide your organization in creating a cycle of continuous improvement? We can help.

At Perceptyx, we’re so much more than employee engagement survey consultants. Our approach is to “make our clients heroes”—not only consulting with them to help them achieve their goals, but teaching them along the way to build their internal capacity for effecting positive change in their organizations.

Unlike most employee engagement consultants, Perceptyx:

  • Focuses on engagement as an outcome of the entire employee experience, rather than a score
  • Operates a powerful, flexible, user-friendly survey and people analytics platform for all types of surveys, allowing data to be easily analyzed and correlated across multiple surveys
  • Tailors listening strategies to each organization’s biggest issues, needs, and opportunities
  • Empowers organizations in sustaining a cycle of continuous improvement— which ultimately leads to greater employee engagement

Fill out the form for a demo of the Perceptyx survey platform, and learn how the employee experience consultants at Perceptyx can help put your organization on the path to continuous improvement.

Employee engagement is a primary goal for the world’s biggest and most successful companies—for good reason. The link between an engaged workforce and higher productivity and profits has been proven repeatedly. But how do you achieve high engagement? From our perspective, too many employee engagement consultants think of engagement as a thing to be driven—a score or measure.

Perceptyx has a different view. We see engagement as the outcome of a positive employee experience. Our focus is on listening to employees to identify the barriers that prevent them from fully engaging with their work and the organization—and taking action to remove those barriers.

Because the barriers to engagement are likely to be different in each organization, we start by considering the organization itself—its challenges, strategic goals, and leadership dilemmas—to understand and address the biggest opportunities for change and improvement unique to each organization.

In taking this approach, Perceptyx goes far beyond providing employee engagement services. Instead, we provide organizational improvement consulting built around a focus on improving the employee experience—from end to end.

More Than Just Employee Engagement Consultants

Our process at Perceptyx is tailored to solve real business problems. Those can’t be resolved by asking a few predefined questions a certain number of times per year. Instead, the questions and topics within a more thoughtful employee listening strategy must be designed to reveal insights about the organization’s specific issues and asked of the right people at the right time.

Our approach connects multiple sources of perception and business data rather than relying on a single facet or data point. This allows tracking over time and demographic comparisons that provide a richer, more robust understanding of the employee experience and outcomes throughout the organization. It’s an approach geared to helping organizations solve their biggest problems, build a more engaging workplace—and improve employee engagement in the process.

How Perceptyx Differs From Other Survey & Analytics Consultants

Some consultants seem to almost intentionally make things complex, creating an unnecessary dependency in their clients. Our approach is the opposite; we consider consulting to be a teaching as well as a helping role, and we believe it adds tremendous value to the work we do with clients.

Perceptyx seeks to help clients build greater internal capability for solving problems, improving the employee experience and increasing engagement as a result. We strive to create smart but practical solutions, so clients can influence change in their organizations from top to bottom. In short, our goal is to give each client more control over the destiny of their organization—to make them the heroes of their own story, not us.

We believe that as employee experience consultants, our responsibility is to deliver real value to the organizations that partner with us. Empowering organizations to think more analytically and replicate what we have shown them allows them to drive continuous improvement on their own.

To that end, we also provide other support and resources as part of our consulting partnership. Having these capabilities integrated into our product and readily accessible is very important to us. We see the consultant role evolving to a model that anticipates client and market needs before they arise—and has the resources for support already developed and ready when needed.

In our view, educating our clients through our partnership, enhancing their ability to influence internally, providing them with resources for support, and adapting to meet their changing needs is how we ultimately deliver maximum value to our clients. When we are successful in delivering that value, employee engagement is just one of the benefits of a larger organizational evolution—powered by purposeful people analytics.

See the way forward to continuous improvement in your organization.

The Perceptyx survey platform gives you the flexibility to develop a thoughtful and logical listening strategy that fits the needs of your organization. Combined with support from our analytics experts, our platform can help you keep your finger on the pulse of your people’s perceptions and outcomes, so you can provide the support they need to be productive, successful, and engaged.

Request a demo to see how we can help your organization develop the perfect listening strategy for your needs.

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