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Majesco: Evolving From an Internally-Managed Survey to a Listening Partnership

Majesco: Evolving From an Internally-Managed Survey to a Listening Partnership

Majesco, a global leader of cloud insurance software for insurance business transformation, uses technology to help insurers modernize, innovate, and deliver personalized customer experiences. Based in Morristown, New Jersey, the organization is a remote-first workplace with more than 2,000 employees around the globe. 

Employee listening serves as the foundation of the organization’s core values: “We listen before we speak, and ask before we act.” Given the importance of listening to Majesco’s success as an organization, a partnership with Perceptyx was a natural fit. 

The Power of the Perceptyx Platform

Two years ago, following mixed results with an internally developed and managed survey tool, Majesco began the search for a strategic listening partner. The organization wanted to find a solution provider that offered both a comprehensive platform solution — effectively blending survey administration, data analysis, and action planning — and significant domain expertise in evaluating employee experience.

Jonathan Talman, Majesco’s Vice President of Global Talent Management, led the initiative that launched the Perceptyx partnership. “Formal employee listening was a new direction for us and we knew we needed expertise to go along with the technology,” Talman said. “Perceptyx stood out from others by leading with their consulting expertise and professional services. Their technology is great, but we liked that they presented it as an enabler and not the focal point.”

Employee Listening Provides the Data-Driven Insights Needed for Action Planning

“We wanted to understand our employees as well as we already understood our business,” said Talman. “Two of the biggest things we were trying to wrap our brains around in 2020 were change management and employee retention.”

To deal with these challenges, Perceptyx worked with Majesco to develop deeper insights related to the drivers of employee engagement. For the company’s first annual all-employee engagement survey in 2021, Majesco set a target participation rate of 80%, which the organization missed by a mere percentage point. The 2022 survey surpassed that rate with 88% of employees participating.

The data collected in these first two surveys was used to facilitate action planning. “We empowered the business to decide where it made sense to action plan as individual teams and where it was better to action plan in larger groups,” said Talman. 

Responding to Employee Feedback Drives Engagement

At the organizational level, aggregate data from the two annual surveys provided the insights needed to justify several concrete actions. In 2021, survey feedback showed that employees wanted more communication from leadership about the various changes the organization had been undergoing, as well as more recognition for their own accomplishments. 

The 2022 survey revealed a strong correlation between engagement and involvement with Majesco’s employee development systems and platform, as well as the fact that many employees felt they lacked sufficient time to use them. Talman and his team took that information and declared December 9 to be “Global Learning Day,” a time when employees could set aside non-essential work and catch up on development and training. 

Between the two surveys, Majesco saw a 9% increase in employee participation, as well as a 14% improvement in engagement, which rose from 67% to 81%. Across all nine categories for which Majesco had trending data, the organization experienced an improvement of 10% or more.

Taking the Next Steps 

In Jonathan Talman’s opinion, Perceptyx’s consulting and professional services made the execution of Majesco’s employee listening strategy something more than a “check-the-box HR event” that occurs annually. “Whether it was in the planning and execution of the survey, or the interpretation of the data, we couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with. After the second survey, the Perceptyx team was quick to tell us where improvements were and were not made.”

With that in mind, Talman and Majesco are ready to take their next steps with Perceptyx, as the organization contemplates adding more listening channels in an effort to ascend the maturity curve. “We can trust Perceptyx to help us build the culture we want for our organization and can now begin strategically expanding the partnership to include additional listening channels. We are looking to Perceptyx to help us understand the next iteration of our employee listening strategy.”

Read the full story to learn more about how Majesco has partnered with Perceptyx to develop and implement a listening strategy.

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