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Perceptyx Releases New AI-Powered Insights to Transform the EX

Perceptyx Releases New AI-Powered Insights to Transform the Employee Experience

Platform update empowers managers to drive change and deliver impact

TEMECULA, Calif., January 31, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – As the global leader in employee experience (EX) transformation, Perceptyx today announced the next generation of its People Insights Platform with expansive analytics and AI-powered recommendations to help HR and people leaders activate change and generate the powerful people experiences that drive success. 

At the heart of this release is the new AI Insights Engine, built upon the innovative machine learning technology first introduced in Cultivate, acquired by Perceptyx in 2022. This AI-powered recommendation engine generates personalized insights and suggestions to address the perennial problem of employee listening programs: taking action. By further personalizing insights and proactively engaging people leaders to keep actions and intentions top of mind, Perceptyx extends the value of a one-time employee survey report, leveraging that data throughout the year to empower managers to drive change and deliver impact.   

“Employee experience programs must do more than just ‘report the news.’ They need to help leaders quickly identify the right opportunities, make progress on their action plans, and measure their impact. We’re focused on building a platform that activates change across the organization. Thriving employees are the biggest factor in determining a company’s success; organizations can’t afford to wait to create positive employee experiences that drive tangible business results,” said Perceptyx CEO John Borland. 

This update also extends the platform’s powerful comment analytics with a new NLP model and introduces several new AI-powered capabilities to pinpoint specific needs and opportunities amidst voluminous data. 

Emotion Model: Improve empathy and precision to address concerns

Alongside Perceptyx’s other NLP models (Theme, Sentiment, and Intent), this newest model decodes employee comments according to six emotional valences—love, joy, surprise, anger, fear, and sadness—to help HR leaders and managers quickly understand how employees feel about their experience in the workplace to respond with the most appropriate action. 

Analytics Studio: Dig deeper into topics within listening data 

The Analytics Studio gives power users the ability to create and share focused dashboards that zero in on key topics emerging from employee surveys. The new advanced comment analytics function goes beyond basic grouping of comments, combining NLP models to pinpoint specific experiences, needs, and suggestions deep within the organization. These powerful new capabilities further assist leaders to focus effective action where it's most needed. 

AI Hub: Make sense of employee comments from other platforms

Organizations can now use Perceptyx’s AI to process comments from external sources (i.e. Glassdoor or review sites) using the same powerful NLP models available for survey data collected directly within the Perceptyx platform. By augmenting their view with data from other sources and contexts, leaders will understand their employees’ experience more holistically — far beyond the direct response of employee surveys.

“Data is the new currency, and the ability to efficiently interpret employee feedback from diverse data sources is critical for all organizations. That’s major, but as new AI capabilities prove, it’s only one of the ways our platform can influence change,” said Joe Freed, Perceptyx VP of Product. “The most exciting application of our AI capabilities lies in the step that comes after opportunities are identified: in helping managers and leaders make measurable progress to transform the employee experience.”

To see these innovations live, join our 30-minute interactive platform showcase on Thursday, February 15th at 11 AM ET/8 AM PT. 

About Perceptyx
Perceptyx is the Employee Experience (EX) transformation company, providing enterprise-grade employee listening, analytics, and behavioral science that activates people and delivers business impact. More than 600 global enterprises, including one-third of the Fortune 100, use Perceptyx’s multi-channel employee listening, AI-powered recommendations, and personalized coaching to close the loop between insights and action. With an unrivaled technology platform and an in-house team of EX Experts, Perceptyx makes it easy for managers, HR executives, and business leaders to align their key business and talent priorities and drive positive organizational change.

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