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See the Way Forward

Perceptyx turns 17 today. Founded in 2003 with a mission to enable people and organizations to thrive, our founders shared the conviction that employee feedback is critical to organizational success. They knew that giving leaders real-time insight into the employee experience and truly listening to employees was essential to businesses--in good times or bad. They knew that the voice of the employee could provide insights imperative to seeing the way forward.

Today, we’re helping many of the world’s largest enterprises see their way forward through the use of strategic employee surveys and people analytics. Too many surveys focus solely on metrics, using overly prescriptive models that can’t provide a fresh perspective on the challenges facing businesses today. They don’t connect the dots between the employee experience and business outcomes, making it difficult to know which actions will have the greatest impact on organization success. At Perceptyx, we believe that flexibility in technology and approach, grounded in sound practice and data science, is a fundamental requirement of strategic HR.

Our founders never imagined the current COVID-19 pandemic or how it has dramatically altered all aspects of our work and personal lives. But they understood that leading in turbulent times requires more than what standard question sets and generic proxies can tell us about what our employees need to be successful. Leadership requires leaning in to listen to what employees want us to know, then putting specific actions in place that will drive the organization forward. We’re seeing this truth play out among many of our clients right now, as they actively ask their employees for feedback and quickly take action in direct response to the real-time data they’re receiving during this pandemic. Even organizations with more than 100,000 employees are able to take decisive action based on the insights they’ve derived from their listening programs. Their agility and commitment to action is inspiring to us!

Our experience over the last 17 years has deepened our conviction that employee surveys are the most strategic activity that a Human Resources function can undertake. They provide facts and data about every unit of the organization, and they enable leaders to make good, data-based decisions that drive organization success. There is simply no other HR process that has a broader reach, or greater potential impact to the organization.

In order to see the way forward, we believe leaders need a fresh perspective. They need the right data to understand what really matters, and they need to know what actions are needed at each level of the organization. The world of work has changed forever because of COVID-19. But the fundamentals--listening to our people, and implementing actions that drive engagement to deliver successful outcomes for the organization--remain unchanged. Our people are not just our most important asset... they are who we are.

On April 9, we’re hosting an open discussion with HR leaders to further explore how organizations are responding to this new reality in flexible and creative ways. We’ll be sharing insights gathered from the free, managed pulse surveys we’ve been offering for the last few weeks, too. We’d like to invite you to join the conversation and share how you’ve been helping your organization navigate these trying times. And if you’re interested in the pulse surveys, you can learn more about these surveys in our blogs on COVID-19 corporate response and Managing Remote Teams, or send us an email.

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