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Transforming Managers with Perceptyx’s 360 Leadership Competency Model

Transforming Managers with Perceptyx’s 360 Leadership Competency Model

In a rapidly changing work environment fraught with disruption, good leadership competencies have never been more important. For managers striving to adapt, these competencies not only provide a roadmap to navigate the complexities of our current work landscape, they can also future-proof leaders with the skills they need to navigate the disruptions that lie ahead. But what exactly should these competencies entail? For Perceptyx, part of that answer has been captured in the 360 Leadership Competency Model embedded within our Cultivate product.

The Current State of Management

Management in the modern era isn't merely about resource allocation or maintaining a hierarchical chain of command. Managers are expected to be agile, responsive, and capable of inspiring a team. Yet, despite the plethora of leadership development programs and self-help books, there's often a lack of alignment between organizational goals and managerial effectiveness. This misalignment not only disrupts the workflow but can also cost companies dearly in terms of productivity and employee satisfaction. 

Moreover, in an environment where employee attrition is high — especially among those with less than 18 months of tenure — the manager's role in onboarding and initial engagement becomes even more critical. Our data at Perceptyx has shown an uptick in attrition rates for employees with less than 12 months and those in the 12 to 18-month tenure band. These trends suggest that managers must be equipped to anticipate and address concerns during the onboarding process and with new hires, effectively serving as a linchpin in an employee's attachment to the organization.

The need for a comprehensive, research-based model for managerial competence is glaringly apparent. That’s where the Perceptyx 360 Leadership Competency Model comes in. This model aims to accelerate leadership development and drive transformative change in organizations. With features that facilitate quicker 360 feedback initiation, the identification of desired competencies, and the unleashing of leadership potential, it offers a comprehensive framework for 21st-century leadership.

The Rigorous Methodology Behind Perceptyx 360

The Perceptyx 360 Leadership Competency Model is founded on empirical research, reviews of previously published 360 leadership models, and Perceptyx's own experience collaborating with some of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands. Subject matter experts have painstakingly reviewed and validated a set of 16 competencies, segmented into four distinct dimensions: Manages Relationships, Manages Self, Manages Others, and Manages Results.

These 16 competencies are further defined through 90 distinct behaviors/items relevant to frontline and mid-level managers. Let's explore the four dimensions and some of the competencies they contain:

  • Manages Relationships: Under this dimension, the competency "Builds Commitment" encourages managers to effectively promote ideas and solutions that influence others to act. "Communicates Effectively" advocates for clear conveyance of information to ensure understanding across all audiences.

  • Manages Self: “Demonstrates Expertise” requires managers to have expert professional knowledge and understand the business and company products, while constantly seeking to improve. “Demonstrates Integrity” fosters the gaining of confidence and trust through honest, authentic actions.

  • Manages Others: Here, "Develops Others" involves providing ongoing feedback and coaching to help subordinates grow. "Drives Innovation" stresses the development of innovative solutions and challenges others to improve business results.

  • Manages Results: This includes being "Vision Focused" by keeping the organization’s values at the forefront of decision-making. "Results Focused" emphasizes establishing performance standards, providing direction, and removing obstacles to ensure work completion.

Perceptyx recommends ensuring a clear purpose for the 360 leadership assessment and measuring only the most important aspects of leadership for a streamlined process. Customization is encouraged, but behaviors should remain clear, single-focused, and observable.

Cultivate: Transform Managers into Leaders

By integrating an empirically-validated 360 Leadership Competency Model, Cultivate offers not just a set of tools but a comprehensive system that aligns leadership development with critical success criteria. To learn more, visit our product page or schedule a meeting with a member of our team. 

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